How do you describe the Gulf of Papagayo region?

Our Paradise is part of a group of beaches that make up what is known as the Golfo Papagayo, Playa Ocotal, Playas del Coco, Playa Hermosa and Playa Panama. We are located in the NW Pacific coast region of the country, Guanacaste, also known as the Gold Coast. Costa Rica is very reminiscent of Hawaii in the 60s and 70s with active volcanoes, spectacular beaches and great climate. Additionally, Costa Rica is recognized world-wide for its biodiversity, housing over 5% of the world’s plant and animal species. Although tourists have been coming here for years, just recently investors from all over the globe are increasingly attracted to the peaceful lifestyle and excellent infrastructure that Costa Rica has to offer. The Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia is only 20 minutes away, with daily flights from multiple destinations. Add to that newly paved roads, municipal water, new developments, excellent private schools, first rate medical and dental services, great golf courses, world-class fishing and scuba diving, pristine beaches and some of the best surfing in the world and you begin to see the allure. The Four Seasons has opened their $350,000,000 resort for many years now with a C.R.G.A. rated Arnold Palmer Golf Course directly across the Gulf of Papagayo. Just up the road from our beaches is the Papagayo Golf and Country Club. Also, there are plans for two new marinas where there’s already one marina operating adjacent to the Four Seasons where Luxury Yacht are already parked. All of this has everyone very excited as property values, tourism and business will skyrocket over the next few years making this one of the best investment opportunities in the world. There are many reasons why the majority of investment is focused on the Papagayo area.

PROXIMITY TO AIRPORT. The Liberia airport, located just 20 minutes from this area. Its first year open, 2003, there were 3 weekly scheduled flights into Liberia, all with Delta. Now there are more then 60, with almost all major airlines arriving from most major cities. Now tourists and investors can arrive in a matter of only hours to our area and be on the beach within minutes. There´s also daily national flights at only 25 minutes to get in San Jose. There are currently plans for massive development of the area around the airport.

PROXIMITY TO MEDICAL CARE. There is 3 state of the art private clinics located just 25 minutes away in Liberia plus another very high-end clinic right downtown of Playas del Coco.

WEATHER AND BEACHES. The Papagayo and the Northwest coast of Costa Rica has the best weather in the country, with over 320 days of sunshine. The beaches of the Papagayo are the best in the country, as they are the only beaches that are not surfing beaches, making them excellent for resort and residential tourism. Snorkeling, scuba, fishing and a number of other water activities are very popular here in the area.

LARGE EX PAT COMMUNITY. The Papagayo area is known as a community of Americans and Canadians. Many people choose this as their home or retirement as there are a number of foreigners that live here.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS. Since so many North Americans are relocating with children to the Papagayo area, we have seen some wonderful private bilingual schools open in this area over the last few years.

INFRASTRUCTURE. Due to all of the growth and development in this area, the Papagayo has some of the best roads in the country. It is one of only a fraction of areas that has access to municipal water and high speed internet (Fiber Optic) , as well as all of the comforts of home. There are dozens of restaurants in the area and shopping as well, and with all of the malls and marinas being built, those comforts will only increase. The Four Seasons opened in January of 2004. Since that time, the hotel has been operating at almost 100% daily and has been booked for months in advance sometimes.Properties range in all prices. You can find a great one bedroom apartment a few hundred meters from the beach for as low as $60,000 and Ocean view condos start at about $250k. There are 2 and 3 bedroom single family homes just a short walk to the beach starting at $325,000. Playa Hermosa and the surrounding beaches are most famous for their spectacular ocean view properties.Although most of us come to Costa Rica with the vision of living on the beach, we soon find out that living on a hill, overlooking the Gulf Papagayo and the Pacific Ocean offer views that are unmatched by anywhere in the world. Once you have seen this in person you are drawn back time and time again. There are a few fabulous new communities with ocean view lots, currently selling at this time. They are all gated communities with paved roads, electricity, municipal water, cable TV, telephone and internet access. Lots in these developments run anywhere from $100,000 to $500,000 depending on size and view. This is a steal compared to other areas of the world and even Costa Rica. A view like this in Hawaii or Malibu California, if you could still find one, would run into the millions of dollars.
The government of Costa Rica, compared to other Central American countries, is very well off. But they do not have an unlimited supply of money. So when they decide to focus on an area, like they have here in Guanacaste, they are going to make sure it succeeds. They can’t afford to make a mistake, because they can’t afford to throw money away. The government has decided that this is where all of their investment dollars will be going over the next 10 years. They have sunk millions into upgrading the infrastructure: roads, municipal water, telephone, internet and cable and satellite TV. They have backed hundreds of projects from golf courses to resort hotels to marinas and have even expanded the airport to handle all of the incoming traffic. Putting your money into the Papagayo area is about as safe of an investment as you can get. More and more people are moving their money to offshore investments such as real estate here in Costa Rica. We expect to see some major growth over the next 5 to 10 years as hundreds of millions of dollars continues to be invested in our area. Guanacaste will ALWAYS be Costa Rica’s !It has the best weather, the best beaches, the calmest bays, and the airport. That is why 95% of all the major resorts and developments are coming here.

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