How are the schools?

In 1869, Costa Rica became one of the first in the world to make education both free and obligatory. Public and private schools are found throughout the country in virtually every community. Costa Ricans feel that their high education level sets them apart from many less fortunate countries in Central America and around the world and are extremely proud of their education level. Primary education usually lasts 6 years while high school might be 5 or 6 years depending on the school of your choice and which degree/degrees are offered.Public and Private school are working Monday to Friday which is nice for parents that most of the time also have week-end off in Costa Rica!

There are three types of diplomas offered in Costa Rica and this will vary with each school.

1) The Costa Rican Bachillerato Diploma accredited by the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. (MEP) This is the National Baccalaureate/Diploma of Costa Rica.

2) The International Baccalaureate Diploma, accredited by the IBO in Geneva, Switzerland.

3) USA High School Diploma, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

Over the last 10-15 years a number of high quality schools have established themselves in the Guanacaste/Papagayo region providing schooling at a level of those of the Central Valley.Not only will you kids get a great education but it will be in a bilingual setting with students from different cultures and countries.

Although attending University in Costa Rica could be very positive, all of the private schools offer accreditation so they can apply to attend University in the US or Europe. Make sure that the school you send your child to has the accreditation that they require to further their education.

Here is a list of the bilingual, accredited Private Schools within the Guanacaste/Papagayo area:

Dolphin’s Academy
Playas del Coco
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Lakeside International School
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Academia Teocali
Pre-Kinder through High School

If you want to give your child a true Costa Rican education there are public schools in every community that are Kindergarten through grade 11.

Here is a list of the Public Schools in the Papagayo Area:

Escuela Cacique
Playa Panama
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela El Coco
Playas del Coco
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Bernardo Gutierrez
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Libertad
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela San Blas
San Blas
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Artola
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela de Guardia (Recommended)
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Liceo de Guardia (Recommended)
High School

Colegio Tecnico Profesional Sardinal
Technical High School

Colegio Playas del Coco
Playas del Coco
High School

La Paz School (Highly Recommended)
Project Mar Vista, Brasilito
506 2654-6087
High School

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