How much is the property tax?

Property taxes in Costa Rica are very low, only ¼ of 1% of the registered property value.  For example a property valued at $100,000 pays $250 per year in Property Tax.  On larger homes, usually over $500,000 there is a Luxury tax which can bump your property tax up to .50%, still substantially less than most tropical locations.

If the property you own no matter what type, lot, condo, luxury home and even a car is held in a Costa Rican corporation, there are two additional fees to all of these properties.  The corporate tax is $194.00 per year for a non-active corporation; this is classified as a corporation not doing business and not making income. If you happen to have an Active corporation, one making money and doing some kind of business activity, then the annual corporate tax is $365.00 per year. Of course you can own any fee simple property in your own name as well and would not have the need to pay Corporate Tax.

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