How do I obtain residency in Costa Rica?

Residency as an Investor

The foreigner can apply for this type of residency if he/she has and demonstrate investments in Costa Rica for USD$ 150.000 . The investment should be in specific areas as tourism, reforestation, shares in a CR corporation, properties and/or any other activity supported by the Costa Rican government.

Residency as a Renter

The foreigner and its family  can apply for this type of residency if he/she receives  US2.500 -minimum amount-  as a monthly rent or has bank investments in CR for $150.000  and will not work while living in Costa Rica. To prove the income, the foreigner must get a letter from a Costa Rican Bank or financial institution , foreign bank, CPA or Law Firm certifying he/she will be receiving a monthly rent of $2.500  for the next 5 years. If letter is issued outside CR must be authenticated by correspondant CR Consulate.

Residency as a Retired Person  

The foreign can only apply for this type of residency if he/she is entitled to a lifetime pension of $1000 per month in their country of origin and will not work while living in Costa Rica. The applicant must obtain  a letter to prove lifetime pension and letter must be authenticated by CR Consulate.

Married to or Relationship to Costa Rican Citizen – “Vínculo” Program

The non-Costa Rican applicant must prove that he/she is in a relationship in the first degree, either by marriage or by birth, with a Costa Rican citizen, and the Costa Rican citizen must be willing to sponsor the applicant’s residency. The Vínculo Program includes applications for a spouse, son, daughter, father, mother, and unmarried siblings (brothers or sisters), but the program does not include grandparents, uncles or aunts.

Foreigners having childrens in Costa Rica

If your child is born in Costa Rica, both parents and the child qualified to apply for their residency!

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