Playa Hermosa “Home Sweet Home”

I will always say to everybody, Playa Hermosa is UNIQUE! I don´t know of any community in Costa Rica with this well dosed diversity of social structures all in the same little beach town;  surrounded with a blend of Costarican Native, Ex-pat full or part time resident, retired people and vacationers.
Within this small beach area you can find humble homes, luxury houses, Condominiums , many gated communities, over 5 mega residential developments, Million dollar mansions, 2 large hotel resorts, more than 5 boutiques hotels and some of the best restaurants in Papagayo. However even with all these elements, Playa Hermosa stays a super quiet, comfortable, secure and pleasant residential environment where you feel you´re somewhere called “Home.” Normally you only find this kind of infrastructures located in a much bigger beach community.
Of course you get a lot more amenities in large towns like Playas de Coco located just at 8 minutes from Playa Hermosa. However you lose the atmosphere of being in a small cozy little Oasis with cool people that are very happy and feel very grateful to live there.

From a choice of many classy beach front Bars & restaurants my favorite place is “Aqua” almost in the middle of the beach. The place is filled with good vibes and everything about the decoration is casual and sober and is done with very good taste!
Here are the services you have in a town that looks like the normal little beach town throughout the Pacific coast of Costa Rica:

Movie Theater,
ATM Cashier
Grocery store with A/C
Tennis courts
Live Music
Basketball Courts
Dental Clinic
Property management
Banana Boat
Jet Ski & JetPack
Zumba Class
Yoga Class
Dancing Class

Jourdan et Alain!
Sometimes we get special events organized by the big resorts or Playa Hermosa Association like the Triathlon, Live beach concerts and the annual beach clean-up which bring people from everywhere. Except for these special events, and Christmas and Easter weeks, where it can get quite crowded, you always get the feeling that the beach is all for yourself!!

Living in Playa Hermosa is all about tropical lifestyle. For a full time resident it gives you more than just a beach with a couple of restaurants like you normally get in Costa Rica. It´s located only 25 minutes from the only International beach airport in the country so that´s why it´s UNIQUE. On my days off I can play tennis, have lunch in front of smooth waves, stop by the ATM, bring the kids to the mini-golf, drop my wife at Zumba Class, watch the sunset going down in the ocean, eat popcorn watching the new Jurassic World movie at the theater, have dinner in an inspired Indonesian gourmet restaurant without ever leaving Playa Hermosa. It feels more like home than just a tourist location.

Pura Vida!
Photo Playa Hermosa Atardecer


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