Playas del Coco Fun Atmosphere!

For 5 years now I have been commenting to my clients about the amount of visitors that are here with us during low season but I could not even imagine that Playas del Coco would be so filled with people in October and November!! The streets of our little town were deserted in the past years with only a few of the local Ticos or residents found walking in the street or hanging out in the shops and bars that are open at this time of the year!

It is simply amazing to see the large number of people in the downtown of Coco at 3: 00 in the afternoon! All the bars and restaurants were vibrating like a carnival atmosphere.

Last Friday 14 November 2014 I literally could not park my car and I finally found a spot at the Ocotal intersection about 200 meters from the real downtown.

Definitely the Papagayo region is having an impressive increase of tourist traffic where businesses that have survived the difficult time since the global crisis are now experiencing a very prosperous period and everything suggests that this is only the beginning!

Rentals this year also have increased in low season where property owners receive very acceptable incomes from their investments, giving them for the first time since 2011 a better value to their properties. We see a lot of interest from new buyers to invest in the Papagayo in addition to the improvement of infrastructures that are increasingly all the time!!

I invite you to come down and enjoy our paradise and the pleasant atmosphere of the area because we are still in a buyers’ market; perhaps you will be able to also get yourself a small residential Oasis.

Pura Vida my friends!


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