How about the Schools in Tropical Paradise

Along with all the new infrastructures and services that we see in our area in the last 8 years there´s a significant growth of quality within the private school in which many of them have expend or offer to parents services that wasn´t possible to get years ago, including sending experimented and trained babysitters in homes for parents that have to travel. I have good friends that had to go in San Jose for 3 days leaving their 3 young kids with a teacher from Delfin private school and coming back finding their 3 sons happy and safe without having to worries about anything!
Delfin School only had a small primary school a few years ago but now they have an additional secondary school also in Playas del Coco with an impressive quality of installation including modern class and all kind of playgrounds like football field, outdoors activities surrounded with great landscape all fenced and very secure.
Last Monday October 12th was the day of the cultures and all the children from both installations met all together in the high school, where each grades present their own show related with culture. At the end of the presentations they had a huge theme buffet where parents brought specialties from their own country. Russia, French, Italia, Canada, Swiss, Poland, America,Venezuela,Rumania,Nicaragua where an example of the diversity dishes that was offer to kids and parents.
It was a very nice activity and you could see that the children and the parents where all together having a good time and it felt that we were in some kind of high-end and developed country but we also could hear in the background some monkey howlers screaming from some trees nearby reminding all of us how lucky we are to leave here!
Before Liberia was the only good place to send your kids to private school but now there are about 4 great private schools nearby for all ages that make life easier for parents and new family that every week are coming and relocate in our tropical paradise.
Mono Congo
Here are the links and informations of the schools in our region:

Dolphin’s Academy
Playas del Coco
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Lakeside International School
Day Care and Pre-Kinder through High School

Green Life Academy
Playas del Coco
Pre-Kinder through High School

Academia Teocali
Pre-Kinder through High School

International Christian School
Pre-School through High School

If you want to give your child a true Costa Rican education there are public schools in every community that are Kindergarten through grade 11.

Here is a list of the Public Schools in the Papagayo Area:

Escuela Cacique
Playa Panama
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela El Coco
Playas del Coco
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Bernardo Gutierrez
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Libertad
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela San Blas
San Blas
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Escuela Artola
Kindergarten through 6th Grade

Liceo de Guardia
High School

Colegio Tecnico Profesional Sardinal
Technical High School

Colegio Playas del Coco
Playas del Coco
High School


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