Are Real Estate agents licensed in Costa Rica?

Although that as for now, no enforced license is required by the law, you should ensure that your realtor in Costa Rica is certified by a Real Estate association recognized by the Costarican government, that he have a permanent residency, that he´s registered to Sugef (Organization of laundry money) and that he comes from an established and reputable real estate company.

The professional real estate agents here in Costs Rica formed their own boards over a decade ago and have encouraged everyone in the industry to join. Their classes are based upon the same requirements as NAR (National Association of Realtors) and monitor and police themselves, adhering to the highest standards of ethical practices.

Our main real estate organizations in Costa Rica are the CRGAR (Costa Rica Global Associations of Realtors) and CCCBR(The Costa Rican Chamber of Commerce for Real Estate

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