How registering properties works?

All property in Costa Rica is registered in the Public Registry of Properties, whether the property is fee simple titled or a maritime concession.  By means of a detailed title search in the Public Registry of Properties your Attorney will be able to confirm that the property is legally fit to be purchased and the title will be purchased free and clear of any claims, liens or encumbrances.  There is a portion of Costa Rican property that is not titled nor has a maritime concession.  We strongly advise against the purchase of unregistered property.Each property registered in the Public Registry of Properties is assigned a unique number called the Folio Real Number.  The number is comprised of three parts, the first number indicates the province, the second group of six numbers is the number of the property itself, and the last group indicates how many owners the property has.  The Plano Catastro is an officially registered Survey Plan prepared by a licensed Topographer based on a physical survey of the property.  All properties must have a registered Plano Catastro and their own Folio Real duly recorded in the Public Registry of Properties before they can be bought or sold.

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