Why Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is a unique tropical investment, retirement and vacation paradise.  This friendly country offers inexpensive living and affordable first-world medical care. For the first time in our lives, we have an  opportunity to start over with gentle breezes, endless amounts of  outdoor activities to keep you busy and happy and stunning scenery.  Spend your days on  sun-soaked, beautiful beaches or hiking spectacular mountains and volcanoes.  This peaceful nation has had political stability and a stable democracy almost as long as the United States of America. With year round warm weather, and the friendliest and happiest people on earth, foreigners from Europe and  North American feel welcomed and right at home the moment they step off the plane. It is easy to see why Costa Rica has become top of the list of expatriate and Baby Boomer retirement and second home heavens. More North Americans live here per capita than any other country outside of the United States. They can’t be wrong!

It’s a place with DIGNITY where you can live your retirement dream.

To List a few of the great advantages of Costa Rica

FIRST-CLASS HEALTH CARE Pay a fraction of the price you pay at home and one of the top locations in the world for medical tourism. Costa Ricans have a better longevity rate than the U.S. and The World Health Organization rates Costa Rica ABOVE the U.S

WARM WEATHER Year Round, no hurricanes like the Caribbean Islands

LOW  PROPERTY TAXES. Titled land, fee simple is just .25 percent.. Now that Is LOW!!!!

VALUE REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS: From Condos to Villas to Luxury Homes and beautiful land. Costa Rica is considered one of the world’s BEST emerging real estate markets and highly desired warm weather destination. Similar to Hawaii, Cabo  and the Caymans BUT HALF THE PRICE and considered by many to have some of the greatest ocean views in the world.

UNTARNISHED INTERNATIONAL IMAGE  Only good news in Costa Rica!!!

STABLE DEMOCRACY  Latin America’s oldest and most secure.

NO ARMY, NO TERRORISM Costa Rica has NO enemies. Money is spent on “cradle to grave” universal health care and education.

MORE NORTH AMERICAN Residents proportionately than any country in the world with a tightly-knit large expatriate community

EXCELLENT Quality of life.

FIRST WORLD COMMUNICATIONS high-speed Optic Fiber internet, Cable, 4G wireless technology and satellite services.

OPPORTUNITIES Awaits entrepreneurs of all ages and concepts.

SUPER FRIENDLY People who are warm, caring and non-confrontational and MANY speak English.ENDLESS  activities from world class fishing and diving, hiking, swimming, bird watching, surfing and the list goes on and on. Discover Costa Rica for it natural beauty. Costa Ricans are the HAPPIEST people in the world and it just may rub off on you.

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